Clean Water Services

More than 550,000 residents in Washington, Multnomah, and Clackamas Counties rely on Clean Water Services for wastewater services, stormwater management, and water quality projects.

CWS is at the cutting edge of water resource management—from an innovative resource recovery program that extracts phosphorus from wastewater to create organic fertilizer, to restoring watershed health by planting more than a million native trees and shrubs in the Tualatin River Watershed in just one year.

Through an ongoing series of videos featuring staff, stakeholders, and regional partners, we help Clean Water Services communicate the value of their work to regulators and ratepayers alike. And Sheepscot’s value to CWS continues to increase, as evidenced by the continual expansion of our role. What started as video production and still photography now includes web development, copywriting, and company-wide communication strategy.

Work Samples

Public and private partners in the Tualatin River watershed set out to plant a million trees and shrubs in one planting season. Ambitious, right? Documenting the community’s effort was downright inspiring. And gratifying—our video was crowned 2015’s “Best Public Outreach Video” by WEFTEC, the world’s largest water quality event.
Tree for All website home page
Sheepscot developed the website. We also produced most of the site’s original photography and video production, and collaborated with CWS staff on copywriting and communication strategy.
Aerial photography from helicopters and drones
Clean Water Services: Working for the River
Community Partners: Rachel Carson Environmental Middle School in Beaverton