The Oregon Convention Center hosts every kind of event imaginable: business trade shows, Wizard World Comic Con, the Portland Auto Show, even an international juggling competition. Hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world walk its floors every year.

Sheepscot went behind the scenes to film a series of videos for the facility’s website, showcasing the Convention Center’s top-notch amenities, customer service, and staff. With content crafted strategically for each target audience—including prospective visitors, conference planners, and vendors—our videos demonstrate how the values of sustainability and hospitality drive every level of the the Convention Center’s operations.

In 2016, Sheepscot worked with OCC to create an animated video telling the story of the Convention Center’s innovative new waste management program. Once again, OCC is changing the way their industry does business. We were thrilled to help them tell that story.

When Metro awarded Sheepscot a Master Services contract for strategic communications and marketing, our first task was to update the “Ask Metro” campaign with new colors, graphics, taglines, and art. We’ve since produced dozens of ads for transit, print, and digital applications, and created Spanish language materials to extend the campaign to new audiences.

Work Samples

Introducing the Oregon Convention Center’s innovative waste diversion policy
Ask Metro: mailbox display ad
Ask Metro display ad
Ask Metro: Tri-Met Bus Ad
Ask Metro Tri-Met bus ad
Sustainability at the Oregon Convention Center