Metropolitan Youth Symphony

For 42 years, Metropolitan Youth Symphony has served students in the Portland metro area, providing a high-quality musical education for kids regardless of financial need. As funding for arts education in public schools continues to disappear, MYS’s work is more important today than ever.

MYS knew they needed a marketing overhaul—to more effectively attract donations, communicate with educators, and recruit new student musicians. As a small nonprofit, though, their budget didn’t have room for the kind of big-picture strategy and branding work they needed. We helped MYS refine their marketing objectives and articulate tactics to achieve them. And then we helped them find funding: With our assistance, MYS applied for—and received—more than $150,000 in grants.

Since then, we’ve interviewed dozens of stakeholders and students, led a marketing workshop, conducted many hours of research, filmed rehearsals, and photographed musicians aged 8 to 18 in everything from formalwear to flip flops.

The new MYS brand launched in September, in time for the start of the 2015-16 season.

We knew the very best ambassadors for MYS would be the students themselves—so we put them front and center in our videos and advertising.

Striking photos of young musicians in iconic Portland locations form the basis of our print and digital campaign.

Metropolitan Youth Symphony 2015-2016 Season Poster
We have a place for you
Symphony Orchestra Concert
We have a place for you