Regional Coalition for Clean Rivers and Streams

The Regional Coalition for Clean Rivers and Streams is a partnership between public agencies in the Portland/Vancouver metro area, including Multnomah County, Clackamas County Water Environment Services, Clark County, the City of Portland, and Clean Water Services.

Their mission? Educate the public about stormwater runoff, a major source of pollution to rivers and streams, and inspire positive behavior change improve the health of regional waterways.

The Coalition enlisted Sheepscot to create a campaign that would drive awareness and action around watershed health. Our task was twofold: Raise awareness about the process by which chemicals and bacteria from home care, gardens, and pet waste winds up in rivers and streams; and educate the public about steps individuals can take.

We developed four ad concepts and a wordmark (or “watermark,” as we inevitably found ourselves calling it). Three of the concepts model positive behaviors; the fourth represents a view of the “whole watershed” that demonstrates how cities, homes, animals, and individuals all contribute to the overall health of our waterways.

These designs, along with the wordmark, taglines, colors, and other brand elements, will serve as the basis of a toolkit from which the Coalition and their partners can generate ads, outreach materials, a new website, and more.

Work Samples