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This Place Called Nuka (Trailer)

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For a year now, we’ve been working on a short documentary: This Place Called Nuka: Courting Adventure in Wild Alaska. Tell me more, you say? Here’s a brief description:

Jeff and Angela wanted to have a camping trip that never ended, and to see if they could live off the land. So they dropped out of college to attend the “school of life.” They hired a boat captain to ferry them—along with kayaks, snowboards and 30,000 pounds of building materials—to a patch of spectacular wilderness tucked between a glacier and the Gulf of Alaska, seventy miles from the nearest outpost. This Place Called Nuka: Courting Adventure in Wild Alaska brings their story to life.

Today, we’re very excited to introduce the trailer.

If you’re in Portland, join us from 6-8pm on Thursday (July 13) at Bazi Bierbrasserie for the 22-minute film’s first public screening.

Follow Sheepscot Creative on Facebook to stay in the loop about screenings. In the meantime, find more information about This Place Called Nuka at NukaFilm.com.

Top Picks from the Adventure Film Festival

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Adventure Film Festival 2016

If you’ve spoken to me in the last few months, you likely know that Sheepscot is working on a documentary about the inspiring and then, suddenly, harrowing adventure of a young couple living in remote Alaska. (Yeah, sorry, I can’t stop talking about it.) A few weeks ago, I flew to Colorado to attend the Adventure Film Festival in Boulder. We wanted to know: What passes for adventure these days? And how are contemporary filmmakers approaching the subject?

Over the course of two days, I watched dozens of short films. Crews and cameras—predictably, lots of GoPros and drones—roamed from Tasmania to the Arctic, documenting the action. Here are the shorts that have stuck with me, the ones I’ve found myself thinking and talking about most.

The Accord
Icelandic surfers reckon with the island nation’s fickle winds. The most surprising, genre-busting film at AFF. With sick surfing footage.

Martin’s Boat
Two things I learned from what might have been my favorite film of the weekend: 1. Martin Litton prevented two dams from being built in the Grand Canyon. 2. In my next life, I want to be a whitewater dory boat captain.

Return to Zanskar
Soon, after centuries of isolation, a monastery in the Himalayas will be connected by road to the city. Thirty years ago, the filmmaker and his friend spent time there; as construction on the road nears completion, they go back to see what the monks make of it.

Douglas Tomkins: A Wild Legacy
An amazing life story and legacy. Douglas Tomkins co-founded North Face and Esprit; famously climbed mountains with the founder of Patagonia; and until his death in 2015 worked tirelessly with his wife to preserve millions of acres of South American wilderness.

The Last Ride
A love story—about a Peace Corps worker and the used mountain bike he buys in Honduras. Their intercontinental adventures over the next 13 years are recounted with a no-fuss production aesthetic, lots of heart and humility.

The End of Snow
Climate change as seen by a snow scientist. Featuring a fabulously eccentric woodsman character.

China: A Skier’s Journey
Juxtaposing the demise in China of centuries-old, sustenance-skiing mountain communities with the nation’s fledgling consumer ski market.

Watching one adventure film after another, I couldn’t help wondering about the emotional well-being of their subjects, particularly when they’re not on camera scaling a cliff or mountain biking across the Alps. How well do these people cope with day-to-day life? Or when things go terribly wrong? Haywire begins to explore those questions.

Sheepscot went to Alaska. And it was epic.

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It’s a job that Michael and I will never forget, filming at Granite Point Mountain Lodge. We turned on the cameras at PDX and didn’t put them away for four days. And that was a good decision, because: OMG those four days. We couldn’t help assembling a travelogue. (More from the trip will follow later this summer.)

Just six weeks ago, I visited Alaska for the first time. I spent the last 2 days and nights of my trip at a private wilderness cabin on Resurrection Bay, on the side of a mountain that falls straight into the sea. Through the length of my stay, a pair of humpback whales roamed in front of the beach and bluff, breaching and spouting nonstop, while bald eagles sailed, swooped, and circled in the sky. “This is blowing my mind,” I murmured to myself over and over–speaking loud enough, I hoped, to keep away the local bears.

Imagine my glee, weeks later, when the man who created the lodge (a remarkable story in itself) hired Sheepscot Creative to come back with our cameras.

Thanks, Jeff. First, for the invitation and your incredible hospitality. And also for the boat tour and jet ski rides, for introducing us to your amazing friends, and for trusting us to tell these stories.